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Why Choose Us to Buy Your Jet?

Unlike many brokerages with multiple disciplines, Verity Jet Group is singularly focused on transacting aircraft. We’re not generalists, rather we allocate 100% of our time and resources to mastering our craft. We invest heavily in data, technology, and intelligence, a strategy that saves our clients multiples of our fee.

A true “turn-key” solution

  • Data analytics to value current market offerings, and counsel on which aircraft to pursue and why
  • New aircraft acquisitions and factory acceptance
  • Assists with tax planning, financing, hangar location and pilot services
  • Assistance with aircraft avionics, configuration and systems analysis

Our Process

There are few events in life as thrilling as buying a jet. For many, it represents the culmination of hard work, sacrifice and calculated risks. Whether for personal travel, business, or both, your transportation needs have evolved to the extent you need to purchase an aircraft or upgrade your existing aircraft.


To determine the most suitable model to pursue, we will begin by completing a mission analysis to identify your most frequent destinations. Reviewing your preferred airports will quickly rule out prospective models that may not have the required performance. Next, we will review your average trip distances and number of passengers to determine the range required and appropriate aircraft category.

The search begins with a review of advertised aircraft, while concurrently deploying digital and traditional advertising, and leveraging industry relationships to uncover unadvertised, or off- market, aircraft. After a thorough review of all candidate aircrafts, we will present the most compatible and compelling options in a formal Market Summary, and counsel you on which to pursue, and why.

Upon identification of the target aircraft, we will confirm specifications, installed equipment, ownership and maintenance history, current maintenance status, Service Bulletin status, engine / airframe program status, and any regulatory considerations.

In today‘s market, intelligent and timely offers are fundamental components to securing top options. To that end, we will perform a thorough analysis of recent comparable sales data, in advance of placing offers.

Verity Jet Group will provide counsel on the most advantageous transaction structure, such as deposit amounts, deposit refundability, pre-purchase inspection scope, and inspection facility. Additionally, we will liaise with your counsel to assure all deal points are appropriately captured in the Purchase Agreement.

To ensure a smooth delivery, we coordinate with escrow to complete title searches, International Registry filings and closing procedures. We offer post-closing support as well, such as assistance with engine/airframe program transfers, RVSM Manual creation, and pilot training scheduling.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Adam is an invaluable resource who I trust most when it comes to any aviation need or advice. My partners and I fly for business but our most important cargo is our family. Adam has helped us find two aircraft, one turbo prop and a Citation Jet. Having Adam on our side got us more safe, reliable, and spectacular aircraft at a much better price. For those in need of a representative, and most importantly friend, in the aviation market I vouch for Adam Smith.

Nick RowleyPartner, Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley; Trial Lawyers for Justice

Adam works hard to put his customers first. He will do what’s right in every situation. We’ve been close friends for over a decade and I trust him entirely.

Cody VandersliceTextron Aviation, Pre-Owned Jet Sales

Adam did a tremendous job. He was knowledgeable, professional and aggressively pursued the best deal for me. He could not have made the acquisition a better process.

Jim AlbertelliEsq. CEO, ALAW

If you could picture someone jumping up and down on a table yelling about how great Adam is, you would begin to develop a mental image of my experience working with Adam.

Washington DC Area Phenom 300 Owner

I had a great experience working with Adam. He found a buyer for my Cirrus within a few days and closed the sale efficiently. He then helped me to find my Eclipse jet by comparing and contrasting every Eclipse that was on the market. He also did this for Phenom 100s and Citation Mustangs. He met me out of town on two different occasions to be involved in test flights. He managed every aspect of the jet purchase with great skill and expertise. His knowledge of the jet market and professionalism are second to none.

Chris Meyer, MD

Adam Smith provided the very best service in our plane transaction. He was professional, personable and very responsive to all our needs. I was particularly impressed with Adam’s industry knowledge and his success at working with the various entities involved in aviation transactions. It’s rare that you come across a standout like Adam and he will definitely be who I call on my next aviation purchase. Adam is your ‘go to guy’ for your aviation sales needs! He will literally go the extra mile for you!

John M.Mac Aviation

Working with Adam was a great experience. As a seller you want a few things from your broker; knowledge of the market, a sound honest strategy for the sale, great communication and the best price possible. I felt Adam brought all of those to the table. He took the time to help me understand the used market, set up a strategy to sell on my schedule, and was always available to talk it through and give me updates. His ability to give our used Phenom 300 a great value story helped us achieve the best price we could, making our owners very happy.

Ryan BlanchardAviation Department Manager, Luck Stone Corporation
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