Why Choose to Sell your Aircraft?

There are a few things you want from your aircraft broker: knowledge of the market, a sound, honest strategy for the sale, great communication and the best price possible.

Verity Jet Group brings all these to the table. Our ability to give your aircraft a great value story will help us achieve maximum sale price.

Our Process

Phase 1 – Marketing Preparation

  1. Perform aircraft evaluation
  2. Define client’s requirements for the aircraft sale
  3. Perform market analysis to determine expected sale price
  4. Recommend marketing and pricing strategy
  5. Client agreement on marketing and pricing strategy
  6. Create marketing materials

Phase 2 – Marketing

  1. Launch marketing campaign
  2. Follow up with and qualify prospective buyers

Phase 3 – Aircraft Sale

  1. Facilitate initial agreement
    • Negotiate terms of initial offer
    • Buyer and Seller acceptance of initial offer terms
  2. Facilitate purchase agreement
    • Recommend terms of purchase agreement
    • Negotiate terms of purchase agreement
    • Buyer and Seller acceptance of purchase agreement terms
  3. Oversee pre-purchase inspection
    • Recommend discrepancy resolution terms
    • Negotiate terms of discrepancy resolution
  4. Coordinate aircraft closing
  5. Manage post-closing activities
    • Coordinate transfer of engine, airframe, maintenance tracking, EHM and warranty programs

Take the Guesswork Out of Buying a Jet

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