Why Choose to Buy an Aircraft?

There are few events in life as thrilling as buying an Aircraft. For many, it represents the culmination of hard work, sacrifice and calculated risks.

Whether for personal travel, business, or both, your transportation needs have evolved to the extent you need to purchase an aircraft or upgrade your existing aircraft.

Our Process

Phase 1 – Aircraft Model Selection

  1. Define client’s requirements for the aircraft
  2. Perform analysis to identify suitable aircraft models
  3. Perform market analysis to determine pricing expectations of suitable models
  4. Client agreement on aircraft model to pursue

Phase 1.5 – Aircraft Ownership Prep

  1. Coordinate financing consultation with aviation lenders
  2. Arrange tax and ownership structure consultation with recommended aviation CPA
  3. Arrange for aviation legal counsel
  4. Connect client with recommended aircraft insurance providers
  5. Coordinate pilot training
  6. Assist in identifying reputable management and/or charter company*
  7. Assist in identifying professional pilot*
  8. Assist in identifying aircraft hangar*

*Additional Expense

Phase 2 – Aircraft Search

  1. Perform global search to identify on and off-market candidate aircraft
  2. Perform initial in-person aircraft and records review
  3. Facilitate initial agreement
    • Recommend terms of initial offer
    • Client agreement to terms of initial offer
    • Submit and negotiate terms of initial offer
    • Buyer and Seller acceptance of initial offer terms
    • Initiate creation of escrow account

Phase 3 – Aircraft Purchase

    1. Facilitate purchase agreement
      • Recommend terms of purchase agreement
      • Client agreement to terms of purchase agreement
      • Submit and negotiate terms of purchase agreement
      • Buyer and Seller acceptance of purchase agreement terms
    2. Oversee pre-purchase inspection
      • Inspection of airframe and engines
      • Inspection of history and records
      • Airframe and engine program status
      • Recommend discrepancy resolution terms
      • Submit and negotiate terms of discrepancy resolution
    3. Coordinate aircraft closing
    4. Manage post-closing activities
      • Coordinate aircraft delivery
      • Coordinate transfer of engine, airframe, maintenance tracking, EHM and warranty programs
      • Provide recommended maintenance and operations manual contacts

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